Dental health and hygiene play a key role in the overall health of your pet.

A yearly dental checkup and regular cleaning help prevent receding gums, gingivitis and bad breath.

If your pet needs tartar removal, we offer dental prophylaxis (scaling and polishing) and dental surgery, including digital radiography to detect any abnormalities that might require treatment. Prevention and regular treatment are essential to ensure your pet’s dental and overall health.

We recommend coming for a complimentary oral exam and dental estimate prior to booking a dentistry.


While your dog or cat is under anesthesia, we perform a complete oral health assessment. Your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums will be explored, and radiographed (if needed) to determine if there are any concerns. In some cases, our patients require that one or many teeth be extracted, whether from fracture, advanced periodontal disease, stomatitis (allergy to plaque) or resorptive lesions.

Rabbit dentistry

Rabbits have continuously growing (erupting) teeth. Dental growth can be influenced by age, health, gender (pregnancy) and nutrition. The balance between tooth eruption and tooth attrition (ware) from normal occlusion is thought to be heavily influenced by correct nutrition.

Rabbits with dental disease should be periodically evaluated by your family veterinarian. The frequency required for professional care is based on the rabbit’s oral and dental health. Some rabbits will require very frequent occlusal adjustments (teeth trimming) and dental care when they are unwilling or unable to eat an optimal diet.

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